Today is 07/02/2020

We Do NOT Want the Awful Trade War!

"It's a nightmare.'' —ErricoAuricchio, president of BelGioioso Cheese Inc

"You can't fix trade deficits with trade wars."—Jonathan Arn, owner of Carter Pecans in Albany, Georgia

"We're the victims in a fight that we didn't pick."  —Eric Gregory of the Kentucky Distillers' Association (National Public Radio)

"The longer this drags out, the more danger there is that we'll see a real drag on our economy. We're going to see Alabama lose jobs, and that's not acceptable.'' —Alabama Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield

"In our community, it's not just the pork producer that relies on the money coming out of the pig," said Trent Thiele, a pig farmer in Elma. "When you build a barn, we have the cement contractor, the people building the barns, the electricians, maintenance on the roads: everything. They're all relying on some of that money out of that pig. Without that, those people working would be out of a job."—NBC

"There's going to be an awful lot of battles lost on the way," said Tim Velde, a fourth-generation farmer in western Minnesota's Yellow Medicine County, who is bracing for tariffs on American soybeans. "I don't see anybody winning." –The New York Times

"People are darned worried about it," said C. Brooks Hurst, a soybean farmer in Tarkio, Missouri, and president of the Missouri Soybean Association.—St. Louis Public Radio

"I'm just hoping that President Trump doesn't forget about the small companies and the little guys that helped put him in office," Gary Hartman, president of Cheetah Chassis, in Berwick, Pennsylvania, a 170-person company that the steel frames used to transport shipping containers across the country. "He'll have a hard time if he doesn't help us."— CNN

"Our margins are already pretty slim over the last two to three years because of the farm economy," said Alan Meadows, a fifth-generation farmer in Halls, Tennessee. Two-thirds of his 2,500-acre farm consists of soybeans. "The tariffs are putting my livelihood, so to speak, in jeopardy. We can't afford to lose our Chinese market."—The Tennessean

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