Today is 05/27/2020

China’s Rapeseed Crush Weekly (Week 34, 2019)

This week (Aug. 17th-23rd), coastal mills have continued reducing their operation rate. Thereby, rapeseed crush in 101 domestic mills surveyed by Cofeed has fallen to 28,670 tonnes (imported rapeseed 23,000 tonnes and domestic rapeseed 5,670 tonnes), down 16,790 tonnes by 36.93% from 45,460 tonnes last week. Meanwhile, the operation rate (capability utilization) has moved lower to 5.72% from 9.07% last week, of which it has increased to 2.11% from 2.03% for domestic rapeseed and it has gone down to 11.14% from 19.37% last week for imported rapeseed in coastal areas. The crush will fall further to 26,000 tonnes next week for rapeseed shortage, but will return to 38,000 tonnes in the following week; overall, the crush volume is at a low level.

Fig. 1: Rapeseed Weekly Crush in China (Week 1, 2016-Week 34, 2019)

Fig. 2: Rapeseed Operating Rate in China (Week 1, 2015-Week 34, 2019)