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2020/21 Hog Report and Outlook




Chapter I Overview: China’s hog and pork industry

1.1 Definitions about China’s hog breeding industry

1.2 Basic information of China’s hog breeding industry

1.3 Analysis: China’s hog breeding pattern

1.4 Periodicity in China’s hog breeding industry

1.5 Analysis: China’s hog industry chain

1.6 China’s pork consumption status

1.7 Proportion of pork consumption in meat consumption


Chapter II China hog and pork price

2.1 2020 hog price trend

2.2 2020 piglet price trend

2.3 Crossbreds sow price in 2020 records high

2.4 2020 carcass price trend


Chapter III Hog breeding margins

3.1 Breeding margins of owned piglet stay high

3.2 Breeding margins of purchased piglet edge down

3.3 Selling margins of piglet

3.4 Fattening pig margins


Chapter IV China hog supply

 4.1 Introduction of breeding hog from foreign countries

 4.2 Hog inventory in China

 4.3 Sows farrowing inventory in China

 4.4 China’s pork imports keep increasing


Chapter V Slaughtering enterprises operations and profits

 5.1 Operating rate in slaughtering enterprises remains low

 5.2 Analysis: earnings of slaughtering enterprises

 5.3 Frozen pork inventory keeps setting historic lows

 5.4 National pork reserves release

 5.5 China’s pork exports maintain a low level


Chapter VI Hog and pig supply and demand

 6.1 Hog supply and demand estimates

 6.2 Pork supply and demand estimates


Chapter VII China’s hog and pork allocation

 7.1 Hog and pork allocation policies

 7.1 Hog and pork allocation policies


Chapter VIII World pork supply pattern

8.1 U.S. pork production

8.2 Canada pork production

8.3 Brazil pork production

8.4 World pork supply and demand estimates


Chapter IX Relevant substitutes

 9.1 Broiler price analysis

 9.2 Egg price analysis

 9.3 Layer price analysis


Chapter X Upstream feed industry analysis

 10.1 Corn price hits new highs

 10.2 Soybean meal price trend analysis

 10.3 Wheat price trend analysis

 10.4 Hog/corn and hog/feed trend analysis

 10.5 Mixed feed trend analysis


Chapter XI Impacts of African swine fever epidemic on hog breeding

 11.1 Status of world African swine fever

 11.2 China’s African swine fever status

 11.3 Losses of China’s hog breeding industry caused by African swine fever

 11.4 2020 hog breeding recovery

 11.5 Progress in African swine fever vaccine


Chapter XII Future development in hog industry

 12.1 Development in hog breeding enterprises—large-scale, high-efficiency and detailed

 12.2 Development in hog slaughtering enterprises—improved industry concentration

 12.3 Development in feed enterprises—extend to downstream industry chain

 12.4 Impact of hog futures on hog industry


Chapter XIII Hog breeding policies

13.1 Hog subsidy policy

13.2 Hog credit policy

13.3 Hog insurance policy

13.4 Hog land policy


Chapter XIV 2021 Hog and port supply and demand/market outlook

14.1 2021 hog supply and demand estimates/price trend forecast

14.1.1 2021 hog supply continue recovering

14.1.2 2021 pork imports continue climbing

14.1.3 2021 hog price trend forecast

14.2 2021 pork supply and demand estimates/price trend forecast

14.2.1 2021 pork supply continue increasing

14.2.2 2021 pork demand will rise

14.2.3 2021 pork exports remain low

14.2.4 2021 pork price trend forecast