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Cofeed: Report on Feed Production in China (Mar, 2021)


Hog feed: Breeding enterprises need replenishing feed after digestion during the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, and producers show fewer signs of hog dumping as the African swine fever eases under warmer weather in March, and some large enterprises are still active in expansion. These combine to bolster a month-on-month rise in March hog and sow stocks. More specially in Guangdong and Guangxi, where there are very few ASF cases, local scaled enterprises are making expansion. And several large factories in Hebei also drive local hog stocks to see a sharp rise. As of March, hog stocks are 13,642,170 heads in 500 enterprises surveyed by Cofeed, up 142,830 heads or 1.06% from 13,499,340 heads a month earlier and also up 33.7% on year. Feed replenishment after the festival and rising hog stocks together lead to a rise in demand for feed.


Poultry feed: Traditionally, poultry replenishment is in peak in March, as layers then will produce eggs at peak time in August and September. March commercial layer chick sales totals 51,515,000 chicks, up 4,270,000 chicks or 9.04% from 47,245,000 chicks in February, according to 48 incubating enterprises surveyed by Cofeed. Meanwhile, March layers replenishment is 85,170,000 chicks, up 10,850,000 chicks or 14.60% from 74,320,000 chicks in February and up 46,580,000 chicks or 120.7% from 38,590,000 chicks a year earlier. Besides, a steady rise in broiler chick sales is also increasing the demand for feed. And breeding enterprises are making replenishment after the festival. Hence, the demand for poultry feed also sees a sharp increase in March.


Aquatic feed production also grows sharply in March as there is a recovery in aquaculture industry under warming weather.


Of all 1135 feed enterprises in China surveyed by Cofeed, feed production is 11,230,581 tonnes in March, up 2,505,294 tonnes or 28.71% from 8,725,287 tonnes in the previous month and up 28.77% from 8,721,710 tonnes a year earlier.




Hog feed: 5,792,376 tonnes, up 1,127,371 tonnes or 24.17% from 4,665,005 tonnes in Feb and up 64.13% from 3,529,148 tonnes a year earlier;


Poultry feed: 4,415,397 tonnes, up 1,081,028 tonnes or 32.42% from 3,334,369 tonnes in Feb and up 3.52% from 4,265,270 tonnes a year earlier;


Aquatic feed: 658,135 tonnes, up 254,564 tonnes or 63.08% from 403,571 tonnes in Feb and up 4.40% from 632,796 tonnes a year earlier;


Ruminant feed: 358,893 tonnes, up 46,837 tonnes or 15.01% from 312,056 tonnes in Feb and up 25.53% from 285,896 tonnes a year earlier;


Other feed (specific feed): 5,780 tonnes, down 20 tonnes or 0.34% from 5,800 tonnes in Feb and down 32.79% from 8,600 tonnes a year earlier.