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Feed Association: Feed Production in China (Mar, 2021)


In March of 2021, China’s feed production totals 22.22 mln tonnes, up 35.0% on month and up 20.2% on year. In terms of products, hog feed production is 9.95 mln tonnes, up 27.7% on month and 68.3% on year; egg-laying poultry feed production is 2.53 mln tonnes , up 22.2% on month but down 16.8% on year; table poultry feed production takes up 7.13 mln tonnes, up 43.4% on month and up 1.4% on year; aquatic feed production is 1.31 mln tonnes, up 109.4% on month and up 6.5% on year; and ruminant feed production is 1.04 mln tonnes, up 26.8% on month and up 4.5% on year.


In the first quarter of 2021, China’s feed production amount to 63.97 mln tonnes, up 20.7% on year. Among them, hog feed production is 30.27 mln tonnes, up 75.9% on year; egg-laying and table poultry feed production are respectively at 7.79 mln tonnes and 19.11 mln tonnes, each down 10.9% and 9.7%; aquatic and ruminant animal feed production are separately at 2.56 mln tonnes and 3.44 mln tonnes, each up 7.7% and 21.8%.




As corn and soybean meal prices retreat from high levels, feed manufacturers keep ex-mill prices for main production unchanged or slight lower on month, but still stay high year on year. Mixed batch prices for hog, layers and broilers rose 14.4%-17.5% year on year; concentrated feed prices advanced 8.5%-11.2% from a year earlier; and additive premix prices grew 3.3%-5.7% from a year earlier.