Today is 09/22/2023

China’s Customs: Mar sunflower oil imports total 138,187.09 tonnes


China imported 137,724.93 tonnes of crude sunflower oil in March, up 2,780.83 tonnes from February and up 68,563.91 tonnes from March 2020, according to data by China's General Administration of Customs. Meanwhile, China brought in 462.16 tonnes of refined sunflower oil during this month, down 1,539.45 tonnes from the previous month and down 2666.57 tonnes from March 2020.


During the period from January to March 2021, China’s crude sunflower oil imports totaled 495,363.24 tonnes, an increase of 214,423.67 tonnes or 76.32% from a year earlier; refined sunflower oil imports totaled 5,728.42 tonnes, a descent of 3,917.85 tonnes or 40.62% from the corresponding period in 2020.