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Daily Review on Sugar Market in China--4/23/2021


Today (Apr 23), the market for sugar in China is shown as follows:


The most-active contract for sugar futures fluctuate to move higher on China’s Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. As of 11:30 am, the most-active September contract ended 6 CNY/tonne higher at 5,480 CNY/tonne with the high of 5,510 CNY/tonne and the low of 5,475 CNY/tonne; nearby May contract settles 5 CNY/tonne higher at 5,397 CNY/tonne with the high of 5,425 CNY/tonne and the low of 5,392 CNY/tonne.



Spot sugar prices keep steady with a light rise in the morning. Grade I sugar is priced at 5,360-5,400 CNY/tonne in Guangxi, flat from yesterday; in Yunnan, grade I sugar is steadily priced at 5,290-5,300 CNY/tonne in Kunming and 5,250-5,270 CNY/tonne in Dali; grade I sugar is unchangeably priced at 5,340 CNY/tonne in Zhanjiang, Guangdong; grade I sugar also remains flat at 5,300 CNY/tonne in Hainan.


Processed sugar prices mostly increase and partly keep unchanged in coastal regions. Grade I carbonized sugar is unchanged at 5,530 CNY/tonne in Fujian, 20 CNY/tonne higher at 5,510 CNY/tonne in Jiangsu, flat at 5,450 CNY/tonne in Guangdong, 15 CNY/tonne higher at 5,630 CNY/tonne in Shandong, 10 CNY/tonne higher at 5,450 CNY/tonne in Liaoning and 20 CNY/tonne higher at 5,460 CNY/tonne in Hebei.



Zhengzhou sugar futures continue gains today, and spot trading becomes more active. It is projected that spot price may stand firm at the high level in the afternoon.


(USD $1=CNY ¥6.49)