Today is 06/16/2024

MOC: encouraging meat imports and putting frozen meat into market

Domestic pork prices have fallen hugely since early November, which can be attributed to a larger number of pigs in breeding, more frozen pork into the market and more pork imports. 

The spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry will work with other authorities to take positive measures below to moderate prices fluctuations and to stabilize pork market supply:

Strengthening the link between production and marketing in tight supply markets;

Encouraging more imports and high-quality meat imports. Meat imports are predicted to surpass 6 million tonnes, of which pork and its by-products imports will go over 3 million tonnes;

Making preparations to put meat from reserves into the market for the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, so as to meet consumer demand;

Strengthening guidance by timely releasing relevant information and promoting supply and demand balance.