Today is 06/16/2024

China to exempt additional tariffs on more U.S. products

China on Thursday released another list of U.S. products that will be exempted from the first round of additional tariffs on U.S. products.

This is the second set of U.S. goods to be excluded from China's first round of tariff countermeasures against the U.S. Section 301 measures, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council said in a statement.

The exemption list will be valid from Dec. 26, 2019 to Dec. 25, 2020, said the statement.

Tariffs that have already been levied will not be refunded, it said.

The remaining U.S. products subject to China's first round of additional tariffs will not be excluded for the time being.

Next, the commission will continue to work on the exemption process, and release the exemption lists of U.S. goods subject to the second round of additional tariffs in due course.

Source: Xinhuanet