Today is 06/16/2024

China to adjust import tariffs on some agricultural products starting Jan 1st

Adjustment plan for provisional tariff rates on imports in 2020 (agricultural products)

I. Adjusting import tariff rates

(I) Most-favoured-nation rate of duty

1. Beginning Jan.1st 2020, China will implement provisional tariff rates on 859 commodity imports (excluding tariff quota commodity); beginning from July 1st 2020, China will lift provisional tariffs on 7 information technology products. (see annex 1 for agricultural products)

 (II) Tariff-rate quotas

China will continue to implement tariff-rate quotas on 8 kinds of commodities including wheat and keep tariff rates unchanged. It will also continue to implement sliding duties on certain amount of cotton beyond import quotas. (see annex 2 for agricultural products)

(III) Conventional tariff and preferential tariff

1. According to trade deals signed between China and relevant countries or regions or preferential tariff arrangement, and apart from conventional tariff previously approved by the State Council, starting Jan 1 2020, China will lower down conventional tariff on bilateral trade deals signed with New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Georgia and Pakistan, as well as the Asia-Pacific Countries Trade Agreement. And starting July 1 2020, China will lower down conventional tariffs according to bilateral trade deal with Switzerland and the Asia-Pacific Countries Trade Agreement. (see annex 3 for agricultural products)

Where most-favour-nation rate of duty is lower than or equals to conventional tariff, tariff shall be implemented as relevant deal if there is any stipulation. If not, the lower tariff rate shall be applied.

2. Except Equatorial Guinea, China will continue to implement preferential tariff on other least-developed countries that have established diplomatic relations and completed the exchange of official documents. Starting Jan 1 2020, Equatorial Guinea will not enjoy zero tariff preferential treatment.