Today is 06/16/2024

NBS: CPI up 5.4% year on year, food prices up 20.6% in Jan

In January 2020, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 5.4% year on year.

In January 2020, the CPI rose 5.4% from a year earlier, with an increase of 5.1% in urban and 6.3% in rural area. The food prices went up by 20.6%, while the non-food prices up by 1.6%. The prices of consumer goods grew by 7.7% and the prices of services increased by 1.5%.

In terms of month on month, the CPI was up 1.4%, with a rise of 1.4% both in urban and rural areas. The food prices of consumer goods increased by 4.4%, and the non-food prices rose by 0.6%. The prices of consumer goods went up by 1.6% and the prices of services up by 1.0%.

Fig.: Consumer Prices (blue: year on year; yellow: month on month)