Today is 06/16/2024

China’s Customs updating its business directory for US DDGs

Chinese traders have started to make inquiry of US DDGS, according to a report by Bloomberg on March 6th. This has triggered the market speculation that China is likely to lift additional tariffs. On March 11th, China’s General Administration of Customs updated its US DDGs business directory to 88 companies that would be allowed to make exports to China. 

Nevertheless, anti-dumping and countervailing duties on importing US DDGs have not yet been eliminated. The duties were officially imposed on Jan 12th, 2017. China’s DDGs imports were 390,790 tonnes, 147,173 tonnes, 139,529 tonnes from 2017 to 2019, respectively. The imports hit a high of 6.82 mln tonnes in 2015. 

With the release of the company list by the Customs, some insiders forecast that it is a move to fulfill the commitment of increasing imports of agricultural products from the United States, and China is very likely to open its market to US DDGs. DDGs can be used to partially replace protein meal such as rapeseed meal.