Today is 05/21/2024

Nov hog recovery goes on, and pork supply improves


In November 2020, the inventory of farrowing sows goes up by 3.8% from October 2020 and 31.2% from November 2019, which has increased for six consecutive months, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China’s data showed. And hog stock also grows 4.3% from a month earlier and 29.8% from the same period in the previous year, which has increased for 5 months in a row. Besides, pork supply obviously increases, and pork price has fallen back for the consecutive third month. By the end of November, pork price in bazaars has declined to a year-low of 45.8 CNY/kg. Nevertheless, pork price in December rises slightly after entering a peak season for meat consumption. In the third week (Dec 14-20) of December, pork price increase to 49.82 CNY/kg averagely but still goes down by 2.3% year-on-year.